Harmonium Weekend Mini Immersions

Harmonium Mini Immersions

with Allison Dennis

Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 – 10:15am

July 14 – 15

August 25 – 26

September 22 – 23

October 20 – 21

Sliding Scale $15 – 30 per class, $30 – 60 per weekend.

You may come for Saturday only but not for Sunday only.

Register ahead by emailing ombluesky@gmail.com.


Each weekend we’ll break down one chant on Saturday and then continue practicing that same chant on Sunday.

Unlike the Thursday evening Harmonium Immersion where we typically learn one chant each evening, and sometimes more difficult ones, these chants will be more simplified and beginners with some experience are welcome to join. If you aren’t familiar with the name of the notes (A,  A#,  B,  C, etc.)  it’s a good idea to use stickers on your harmonium indicating the name of the notes so that you can follow Allison’s instructions.

If you’re a brand new beginner and want to join we suggest at least one, maybe two private sessions first to get you started.

Those with more experience may also feel challenged by the material, and will certainly enjoy having more time to practice slowly and deliberately.

You will need to bring your own harmonium. We do have one loaner harmonium which is loaned out to the first registrant who requests it.

You’ll be learning the chant in the traditional way (Sa Re Ga Ma….) where melody (divine feminine) and time (divine masculine) are in a loving and symbiotic relationship. Melody practiced with the safe and supportive foundation of time can help us to develop deep new samskaras (mental grooves) that help us create and maintain healthy boundaries in life. This dance, this lila between melody and time IS the love that Sita has for Ram and the love that Ram has for Sita. They need each other. This is divine expression of Radha Krishna Bhakti and is a submersion of the mind into the eternal now; a total joy if you can surrender into it!