Harmonium, Sanskrit & Rhythm: 3 Week Refresher Course

Harmonium, Sanskrit, & Rhythm

Three Week Refresher Course with Allison Dennis

Thursdays, 7:00-8:00pm

November 29, December 6, December 13

Sliding Scale $36-72 for all three weeks, $15 to drop in 

If you’ve attended any of the previous Thursday evening Harmonium sessions over the past few years and/or have a journal full of chants that Allison has taught you privately or in a training program; please join us as we review several of the chants we’ve learned together. We’ll review two or three chants each evening, hopefully with enough time to practice each chant for 15-20 minutes. There won’t be time to re-teach chants you haven’t learned already, but you’ll be able to pick up what you can and chant along in the ones that are new to you.

If interested in learning to play harmonium in the traditional way, consider joining Allison in the Spring for a weekend Harmonium Immersion.

If interested in going deeper, consider joining Allison’s upcoming Kirtan College Weekend Immersions.