Harmonium & Sanskrit 101

April 6 & 7, 2019 with Allison Dennis

Location TBD

Sliding Scale $180-360 for full weekend


9:00-12:00: Introduction to each other as well as the Bhakti Path, the Indian Deities, and the Instrument itself. We’ll talk about the importance of maintaining a steady seat, and how regular practice by way of rote repetition leads to Bhakti. We’ll also learn how to lead an Om and learn a simple Soham chant on the harmonium.

2:00-5:00: Introduction to the Sanskrit alphabet and pronunciation. We’ll practice some simple chants in a kirtan where we all focus on the pronunciation.


9:00-12:00: Learn the saptasvara, the Indian scale. Much like our Western do re mi fa so la ti do, the Indian scale has it’s own system for categorizing the notes, sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa. I’ll have stickers for you to place on your harmonium marking the correct note to the correct key. We’ll explore the idea of different time signatures and we’ll learn and practice a simple chant on the harmonium.

2:00-5:00: We’ll continue the bhav from the morning and learn another chant or two having loads of time for Q&A following the threads of your interest.


This class is for those with no experience at all, or those with loads of experience but minimal knowledge about the fundamentals of playing harmonium in the traditional way.

You’ll leave the weekend with a solid foundation of Indian music; what is raaga (melody), what is tala (time), how to pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet by way of transliteration (diacritical markings), and how this music has such a profound effect on the emotions. You’ll also leave with some good starting points to deepen your study into Bhakti yoga and the stories.

You’ll need to bring your own harmonium, and you must commit to attending the entire weekend. Space is limited.

Email Allison with questions or to register: ombluesky@gmail.com

Eligible for 12 hours of ceu’s for Yoga Alliance.