Goddess Bhakti Weekend

Goddess Bhakti Weekend

with Allison Dennis

October 19 – 21

Friday: 7:00-9:00pm

Saturday: 1:30-6:30pm

Sunday: 1:30-5:30pm

Sliding Scale $160 – $320 for entire event, or $15 – $30 per hour

Pre register by emailing Allison at ombluesky@gmail.com.

It’s a potent time to place our attention on what it is to love the mother; our planet, our rivers, our oceans and forests, and each other. Patriarchy has dismantled what once was a common sense reverence for intuition and mystery. A love for sky and fire and wind and land. Patriarchy has convinced us to place value on that which has no true value, on illusory things masking as reality, like money and power.

Mother Earth is not suffering. We are not destroying or harming her. Our collective ignorance is doing nothing but hurting our chances to remain in her warm embrace, through tears and ecstacy, through storms and sunshine, through drought and flood, confused, lost, found, content, all of it… the whole dance, the melodrama is her gift to us. She owes us nothing. We owe her everything. Every. Single. Thing.

The Mother is a soft breeze. The Mother is Hurricane Florence. When we develop a deep intimacy and a love for reality as it’s given, when we learn to trust, to drop our expectations and accept what we’ve been given, when we learn to stand in the face of power and say no regardless of the consequences… it’s twisty, it’s not straight and narrow, it doesn’t fit into a box. Loving the Mother is learning to be intuitive. Learning to trust quieter voices that may not seek to be heard but wait, patiently, until you create enough stillness and silence for her to speak.

This weekend will revolve around stories of the Divine Mother, stories from each other, stories and songs that rise up like Nature Herself, like light beaming into dark corners that feel cold and lost inside.

Hopefully you leave empowered, centered, and more confident in your place in the world of things as they are; not as they appear to be, and with a new sense of value around what’s really important.

11 hours of CEU’s with Yoga Alliance.