Shivani Chudasama

Yoga Teacher Trainer; Pittsboro, NC:

My mom introduced me to yoga as a child; I have many distinct memories of walking into my living room, finding my mom inverted in shoulderstand. Early on, I’d enthusiastically join her, but as I got older, it seemed less and less cool to have the same interests as my mom.

As a teenager, I struggled with a chronic illness and started to disconnect from my body. My mind was so much easier to inhabit—it could take me to the outer limits of my imagination. My body on the other hand, was ill, and became a formidable foe. After several suggestions from friends, family, doctors and therapists, I finally found my way back to a yoga mat to bridge that long lost connection between body and mind. In 2012, I found Heart of Yoga School, and before long I was there most days of the week practicing yoga. I starting craving those moments on the mat where I discovered a new sense of trust and compassion not only for myself, but also for others—the same benefits of yoga that my mom had been trying to teach me for years.

Through yoga, I learned the value of holistic exploring and healing and was inspired to share the gifts it had given me. I completed Allison’s 230-hour teacher training in 2015 and I hope that this is the first of many yoga teacher trainings. The course provided a beautiful new perspective of many texts and ideologies I grew up with.

As a teacher and student, I appreciate classes that constantly draw us back to our breath and ground us in the present moment, while simultaneously encouraging us to explore and expand our inner strength. Ultimately, I look forward to combining my background as a yoga teacher, social worker, and lifelong student into a practice that focuses on encouraging and empowering individuals to discover the best version of themselves.