Ros Schwartz

Yoga Teacher Trainer; Pittsboro, NC:
I grew up in a pine forest outside of Chapel Hill, NC, where trees, space and quiet were constant companions. A solitary bookworm with an active imagination, I was drawn to the performing arts: a medium where vibrant inner experiences are given form, shared and transformed by that sharing.
Like hatha yoga, the building blocks of performance are body awareness, breath control and movement. When I attended my first public yoga class in 2007, it felt like a natural extension of the work I’d been doing for most of my life. I began a steady practice in 2009 and completed Allison’s 230 hour teacher training in 2012. I have been teaching continuously since then, both at Heart of Yoga School and in Washington, DC, from 2013-2015. I completed the AYTT with Allison in 2015.

In essence, the classes I offer come from my teachers: trees, solitude, the depth of an inner world, storytelling, body, breath, movement. They are an internal experience shared in community with others. I am thrilled to co-create weekly experiences of asana and music with our sweet HOYS family, and I offer these practices to all of my teachers, especially my human teachers Prem Sadasivanada and Allison Dennis, without whom none of this growth would have been possible.