Jamie Persons

2015-02-07 17.56.13I came to yoga gradually. I began experimenting with basic asana and a meditation practice during a period of massive transition in my life. I had finished college and was living in Rwanda, researching approaches to psychosocial healing and conflict transformation. During that time, my need for self-care and grounding came to the fore, alongside an emerging interest in the connection between mind and body.


After several years of movement and transition, I returned to North Carolina and found a place to land. The lessons I’d been learning through my travels and studies – about the ways in which people learn, change, connect, and make meaning – continued in my work as an experiential educator and, now, as a clinical social worker. All the while, I found that those lessons and questions were appearing in my yoga practice. Heart of Yoga became an essential space for my personal and spiritual growth – a place where I could slow down, turn down the volume on my busy mind, and develop a deeper connection to my body and breath.


I practiced with and learned from several incredible teachers in the area, and I ultimately decided to deepen my studies through formal training. I completed Allison’s 230-hour teacher training at Heart of Yoga in 2015 and a yin yoga training at Asheville Yoga Center in 2014.


For me, yoga is – among many other things – about cultivating a balance of acceptance and change. My yoga has become a practice of tuning into the lessons that I am invited to learn (and re-learn) throughout a lifetime – and processing through body and breath that which seems messy in its intellectual or emotional forms. It has shifted the way I move through the world and engage with others, and it helps me to develop a greater acceptance of myself in the midst of it all.


As a teacher, I use vinyasa, breath, and hands-on assists to help students cultivate balance, growth, and ease in the body and mind. I value experiences that invite me to be fully present, to learn, and to play; it is my intention to help create space for these elements in each class.


Email Jamie at jamie.persons@gmail.com