Follow the Moon

Follow the Moon

Next session begins August 30

New Moon to New Moon

Lunar Monthly Video Series

1st time subscribers: Sliding Scale $54-72 – cost includes Foundations of Vedic Astrology video series (6 hours)

Repeat subscribers: $45 -72

Sliding Scale

Receive a daily 5-10 minute video about the current moon phase, planetary configurations, and overall emotional vibration of the day. A video will be sent by WhatsApp each day telling you about where the moon is moving that night or the following day. No prior knowledge of Astrology is necessary. On registration I’ll send you the Fundamentals of Astrology (six hour class) as a gift to watch at your leisure. The journey begins on a New Moon, tracing her movement from shadow to light and back to shadow again. or 919 929 8961

“I find FTM to be of benefit on multiple levels:  the joy of hearing the Vedic mythology; the practical application to everyday life (timing to reap the most benefit); and finding the deeper wisdom by connecting the Vedic stories to my own personal story.  Allison’s delivery is very positive – no doom and gloom when transits are challenging, and she leaves things open to possibility so that the listener has room to have their own “aha” moments.”  – RL