Amanda Kingsbury

I came to yoga as “the girl who sped through life”. I was a blur out of the corner of your eye. I was exhausted, frazzled and 944145_10151608855648887_650762835_nneeded more exercise – not to mention quiet my frantic mind. Yoga has certainly given me a stronger body and a calmer mind (on most days) but the unexpected gift is that this new quiet space has allowed me to get to know myself. My desire is to bring more joy and ease into other’s lives. Through my classes I share the nurturing, healing and delight that yoga has given me. I aspire to provide a space where all can start where they are, get to know their bodies and minds, liven up and laugh along the way.

Thanks to Cheryl Diegel for starting me with a strong foundation and to Donia Robinson, founder of Carrboro Yoga Company, for pointing me in the right direction. And of course to Allison Dennis for keeping my mind and body busy enough to help me discover the enriching practice of yoga. I completed Allison Dennis’s 230 hour Veda Vinyasa teacher training in May of 2013 and her Advanced Veda Vinyasa teacher training in December of 2013.

What can you expect from my classes? A full workout for the mind, body and spirit! We starts by discussing some aspect of yoga philosophy. From there, we move to warming sun salutations and standing balancing poses before an inversion or two. We get the body and heart pumping before coming down to the mat for heart and hip openers along with twists and forward folds.

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