350 hr  Advanced Veda Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training:

Become a more well rounded and well informed Yoga Teacher in one of the most thorough Advanced Programs out there. We bring in elders K. Sridhar, Edwin Bryant, Prem Sadasivananda, and Carol Verner as Allison holds the flame of true yoga with tender care and a steady hand. 

Learn Traditional Harmonium, Sanskrit, Yogic Meditation, Naada Pranayama, Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavat Purana, Advaita Vedanta, Vedic Mythology, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, & Vedic Astrology.


Check back for 2020 dates, it’s worth waiting for and worth travelling for:










AYTT Testimonials:

Everyone enters into a yoga teacher training with different intentions. I entered with the desire to reconnect to a spiritual backbone and ground myself in practices that could help me find stability during, what I knew, was going to be a fairly rigorous and demanding year. Also, although I had taken a break from teaching, I knew that whatever I learned would ultimately help me to become a better teacher when the time arose. The training definitely surpassed my expectations. What I appreciated most about AYTT was the exposure to so many new experiences, and re-exposure to topics of utmost importance and relevance. Never in my life would I have necessarily practiced extensive meditation, a weekend of chanting, a full day of pranayama practices, Indian scales on the harmonium, or deep exploration of Sanskrit in texts like the Bhagavad Gita. All of these practices opened up my mind and my heart to the richness and depth of what “yoga” is and can be. Considering how rigid and isolated the perception of yoga is in this country, the expansion of practices felt deeply rewarding.

Allison showed up every single weekend with a cheerful, kind spirit and immense dedication to sharing all of the wisdom she has gained. Her embodiment of a lifelong yogi, as well as her ability to share with us the enormous gift of her authentic and diverse teachers, such as K. Sridhar, Edwin Bryant, and Prem Sadasivananda, were of immense value. Throughout AYTT, I felt like I was going back in time – to a time when teachers sat in satsang with their students, teaching through stories and experience and relationship. I feel so grateful for everything I have learned, and for the tradition of yoga that I got to experience through the vehicle of Allison’s teachings. ~ Rita Silver


HOYS Advanced Teacher Training was a beautifully transformational experience. Taking a deep dive into yoga philosophy from various lenses–all based in the traditional texts–has infused my practice and my teaching with a power and authenticity that extends far beyond performing a series of physical postures. This course gave me the tools to come into a deeper relationship with myself and others, and provided a beautiful space and supportive community for intensive study and practice. Allison is a passionate and dedicated lifelong student of yoga, who is able to clearly communicate complex topics and hold the necessary space for her students to integrate these ancient teachings in a way that works best for each individual. This is the best program I can imagine for yoga teachers who sincerely want to learn about the yoga from the roots up. ~ Holly Schmidt


My heart and mind have been opened to possibilities that I didn’t consider before this AYTT.  It’s such a joy to learn from Allison, who is a dedicated practitioner and student herself.  I look forward to continuing my journey alongside the shining lights at Heart of Yoga School! ~ Pam Padden


I came into the advanced training itching to go deeper, learn more, and to refine my understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga. I got all of those things; we were guided deeper into practice, we read more texts, we asked questions and taught each other what we’d learned. We were led by world-class teachers and shared sacred space together. What I could not have predicted was the gentle unfolding I experienced even on the weekends I arrived exhausted, or how my experience of challenge and resistance was held with the kind of genuine compassion that permits and supports tremendous growth. To say I have been deeply transformed is an understatement, but I don’t have any other words to express how this experience has shaped and continues to shape me. If you are considering this or any other training with Allison, know that though you are ultimately the sculptor of your own journey, in my humble opinion you could not choose a more confident, gentle guide, or a sweeter community to learn, grow and practice in. – Ros Schwartz


2016-04-03 16.04.52This training has been the doorway into my heart, a transcendence of consciousness. Allison’s authentic devotion has taught me what real discipline is. She eased the tension of separateness, she encouraged me, she supported me, refining my love for sharing Yoga again! If you are ready to learn the blueprint of Yoga, if you are ready to surrender to reality, if you are ready to make a shift, then I highly recommend this life changing experience. ~ Sandy Delgado


My AYTT teacher, Allison Dennis is/was AMAZING! We studied/trained hard, philosophy, physiology, practice intensives, practicum, understanding the classic treatises, kirtan, playing the harmonium, Meditation I have completed other training programs since the early 1990s–but all are paled in comparison. I feel as if I have become a really good teacher–I attribute it all to God and Allison…With Gratitude. ~ Anita LeVeaux


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Studying under Allison’s guidance has been such a rewarding experience. Her Veda Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training offers structured insight into the 4 main bodies of texts (Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutras). I now have a much better understanding of the science of yoga and a foundation for further study. In addition Allison offered me a safe and nurturing space to develop my practice as a bhakta. No words can express the meaningfulness of adding devotion and song to my life. My great thanks and love to her for opening her school to me. ~ Bret Batman


The heart of yoga 300 hour training offers a one on one aspect of working with a teacher, alongside group time, which helps define personal practice and became an excellent chance for me to chant with Allison. ~ Benjamin Parrish


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If you want to go deeper into your understanding of yoga philosophy and meditation, this is the course to take. You will discover a deepening connection with your breath through movement, meditation, and self-study. ~ Lindsey Berutti

A journey I would take again and again. ~ Danny Depuy

My relationships with myself and the Infinite have grown by leaps and bounds, and this year has been one of the most transformative healing processes of my life. ~ Erica Davis