Yoga Nidra: 4 Week Series

Yoga Nidra: Deepen Your Rest and Grow Inner Peace

with Mark Spring

Four Week Course, February 15 – March 8, Thursdays 7:00 – 8:15pm

Participants in this four-week course will grow first-hand experience of the healing, restorative power of asana joined to deep-rest meditation.

The total cost for this four week course rests on a sliding scale of $50 – $70.

Register by emailing Mark at


Each class will evolve through four stages:


The first stage welcomes everyone to show up exactly as they are; the slow opening asana sequence, paired with soothing music, invites people to arrive in their feelings and physical states without forcing any adjustments.


The second stage evolves from the opening relaxation exercises and features transformation: relaxation and slow movement in the first stage draw warmth and energy into the body—almost effortlessly.  An increasingly expressive asana sequence becomes possible in this second stage.  This stage is still very relaxing; it is also just challenging enough to draw attention past abstract thoughts and into the moment and the breath.


The third stage glides in the elevated energy generated in the second stage.  Hip-opening poses, gentle inversions, and ground-based poses round out the asana sequence and prepare participants for extended savasana-based meditation.


The fourth stage, which unfolds over a half-hour of savasana, opens opportunities for developing intimacy with the body, resting deeply, and discovering healing energy within oneself.  The 45-minute asana routine rouses the mind and body into a warm, flexible, responsive state; the 30-minute guided meditation helps participants to gently explore and lovingly shape the awakened mind and body, with each participant choosing a private path through the guided meditation sequence.


Upon request, cool lavender-peppermint towels are available during the meditation.  Hot herbal tea is available for free after each session (bring a mug!).


The course also offers design tips to help participants create their own home-based nidra practice.


A minimum of four students must enroll for the course sequence to proceed.


To ensure that all students find ample space to spread out in the asana sequence and rest comfortably in extended savasana, at most 18 participants may enroll.