Seasonal Chakra & Restorative Yoga

Spring Seasonal Chakra & Restorative Yoga Workshop

with Bryanne Senorchakra-colors-2


Saturday, March 24th




 * Slow Down, Tune In, Align*
Winter is a time of stillness, going inward, and conserving our energy. Spring begins with the Equinox on March 20th and the energy around us will start to slowly expand outward, eventually bursting forth into its fullest expression. This special workshop will give you time and space to anchor yourself within and align with this seasonal change intentionally. Taking cues from the rhythms of nature, we will turn our attention toward beginning anew — refreshed and poised to blossom into the fullest expression of ourselves. All levels and abilities welcome!


The first portion of the workshop will be a gentle, slow, and purposeful asana (physical postures) practice to tune into each of the seven major chakras, or energetic centers, within the body. There is a subtle, energetic body beyond the physical where wheels of energy (the chakras) can hold stuck patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We will move in ways to experience the mental, physical, and/or emotional characteristics of each major chakra and cleanse out what might be stuck; doing a seasonal cleaning of our “energetic pipes” so to speak.


There will then be time for meditation, reflection, and some journaling – to set intentions for the coming season, or anything that comes up for you!


During the final portion of the workshop, we will find stillness and support in restorative yoga poses – to fully release, connect deeper, and/or integrate. This entails finding about 4- 6 postures for 5-7 minutes at a time. The poses will all be on the floor and supported by as many props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) as you need to feel completely comfortable, passive, and relaxed. Restorative yoga relaxes deeper muscle and connective tissues than active yoga practices, releasing tensions you may not even be aware of. It can also balance the energy of the body, calm the mind as you draw your senses deeper inward, increase your ability to cope with stress. All levels and physical abilities welcome!


Contact Brye with questions or to sign up in advance (optional):