Stories from India

Stories from India with Allison


Thursday, May 3, 7:30pm

Join us for a satsang (gathering of like-minded folks) to hear stories about Allison’s solo adventures in India: being fed like a Goddess in Chennai; meeting and befriending a Great Great Grandmother in Vrindavan who took her under her wing and helped Allison get the most out of her visit; Kodaikanal, where she stayed on a pear orchard that just so happened to be owned by a Tantric Vedic Astrologer; and Munnar where she befriended three brothers who took her hiking everywhere and even let her drive their tuk tuk.

We’ll also show pictures and hear stories from the group that went on the Temple Tour from HoYS! Stories about a tear inducing 30 foot Krishna at Mariana’s nakshatra Temple, Sarasvati appearing at the Saturn Temple when we couldn’t get in, darshan with an Eagle, parades for God at the Mars Temple, the priest at Katie’s nakshatra Temple, pushing to get a glimpse of the deity at the Venus Temple, Allison almost starting a street fight, the puja at Chidambaram, our most adorable driver Shaji, and so much more!

Come and enjoy some good company, yummy samosas, and delicious Indian sweets.

Stick around after if you want to chat with Allison about the 2019 India Pilgrimage which will include the Planetary Temples in the Kaveri Delta of Tamil Nadu and several days of hiking and enjoying nature in the Western Ghats of Kerala.