Lovin’ on Yourself: Self-Care + Yoga Series

Self-Care + Yoga Series

with Bryanne Senor

Six weeks: Mondays  7:00-8:15pm

November 13 – December 18 


$60-90 for entire series • $15 per drop-in

Questions or to pregister: bryanne.s108@gmail.com

Yoga is inherently a practice in self-love and care. This series will combine the therapeutic qualities of pranayama, asana, and meditation with a deeper exploration of how self-love and worthiness are the keys to living a fuller and more purposeful life. There will also be journal reflections, sweet self-care rituals, and other deliciously nurturing treats like foot scrubs!

“You can’t drink from an empty cup.” This is a popular and logical saying, but most of us do not take heed regularly. For whatever reasons, often there are many, we push our needs aside to meet those of others – waiting until we are burnt out, depleted, or have “earned” rest to actually take time to show ourselves love. This series will help you break those habits and patterns.

You will:
  • Show up for your whole being by carving out special time to care for yourself
  • Learn techniques in calming your nervous system, managing your energy, and self-compassion
  • Deeply ingrain a sense of self-love, and begin to make meeting your own needs first a default setting
  • Cultivate daily practices to keep your cup overflowing, not just full enough
  • Experience how Self-love is love for all, and not selfish in any way
Week 1: Self-Care 101
Week 2: Realizing your worthiness
Week 3: Embodiment and intuition
Week 4: Caring for your energetic body
Week 5: The power of rest and restorative yoga
Week 6: The unifying effects of Self-Love