Magical Moon Manifestation

Magical Moon Manifestation with Bryanne Senor

Mondays from 7:00-8:15pm

4-week series: Oct. 16th- Nov. 6th

$40-60 Sliding Scale

Preregister with Brye:

This series will be a special and intentional time set aside to practice your inherent powers of manifestation and tune into the cycles of nature – which are your cycles too! By aligning with the potent energy and position of the moon over the course of its waxing and waning, you can create magic and bring your dreams into reality.

We’ll begin on the week of the new moon to set clear intentions around what you want to call in most to your life at the moment and then nurture for them over the month to eventually bring them towards fruition and release at the full moon. There will be asana and other yogic practices along with journaling and some fun moon-y rituals, corresponding with the energy of the moon each week.