Harmonium, Sanskrit & Rhythm: Six Week Immersion

Harmonium, Sanskrit, & Rhythm

Six Week Immersion with Allison Dennis

Thursdays, 7:00-8:15pm

June 14 – August 9

No Class: June 28, July 26, August 2

Sliding Scale $72-126 for all six weeks. $15 to drop in for a class in the series. 


Join Allison for this immersion into practicing the harmonium, chanting in time with proper pronunciation, and leading chants (if you like). Each evening we’ll learn one simple chant, break down the pronunciation and meter, and then practice the rest of the time. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to get out of the head and into the heart so that you can have the felt experience of bhakti, the path of love and devotion.


Allison will also introduce some basic concepts of the bhakti path along the way, and tips for leading chants or starting a kirtan in your own community.


This class is best for those who have completed the Harmonium 101 and/or 201 class at HoYS, or those who already have some experience with the harmonium. Allison is happy to connect for a private session ahead of time if you’d like to get caught up before this class begins. Usually Ros and Dani are available for private sessions as well.


If you need to borrow a harmonium, we have a few we can loan you during class, but that availability is limited. Best is to borrow one from a friend, or talk to Allison about purchasing one.