Traditional Harmonium Weekend Immersion with K. Sridhar

Traditional Harmonium Weekend Immersion with K. Sridhar2015-06-13 16.17.29-1

May 19-20, 2018

Saturday: 1:30 – 4:30 – Part 1

Sunday: 1:30 – 4:30 – Part 2

$75-100 per session

$150-300 for full weekend

Both afternoons will include an informal satsang after the workshop in case you have questions.

Pre-register by emailing

Potential lodging in Carrboro and Chapel Hill for those traveling to be with us.

If interested in purchasing a harmonium before this workshop, please order with Allison at least two weeks in advance.

K. Sridhar will teach the basics of playing the Harmonium in the traditional way which includes the Indian scale and what note is played with which finger. The finger tips are connected to the chakras and nadis, so placement is important and meaningful.


K. Sridhar is a true Master of Indian Music descending from fourteen generations of Classical Indian Musicians. His Mother was a famous singer in India, and Sridhar began his training in harmonium at the age of three by his Mother. She trained him to accompany her for kirtan concerts on the harmonium and they performed Kirtan at religious ceremonies and after pujas for many great yogis. Ultimately K. Sridhar chose the sarod as his instrument, but harmonium is at the foundation of his musical background.


K. Sridhar’s knowledge is deep and comprehensive around the connection of the physical and subtle body to tone and sound because he studied not only Indian Music, but also Yoga. He has dedicated his whole life to the craft and art of sharing and teaching this beautiful wisdom and healing sound that comes from India and we are blessed to have him share his knowledge and experience at Heart of Yoga School!


Due to the anticipated overwhelming interest in this course we will not be able to provide a harmonium for you to use during this workshop. Please pre-register by emailing Allison at, there is a limit to how many students can attend.