K. Sridhar: Pranayama & Sound

Pranayama and Sound with K. Sridharsridhar

Saturday, May 5 2018, 2:00-5:00

Sliding Scale $75-100

Pre register by emailing ombluesky@gmail.com

Potential lodging in Carrboro and Chapel Hill for those traveling to be with us.


K. Sridhar is also teaching a weekend workshop on Traditional Harmonium.

Join us as Sridhar teaches the traditional way to combine breath and sound. The focus will be on naadaprana yoga, as Sridhar leads us through different breathing exercises that ultimately steady the breath and calm the mind.

Pranayama is essential to the production and projection of tone. Whether you are a hatha yogi or an opera singer, pranayama is beneficial to the body/mind. Secondly, toning will be practiced, as this is an experiential workshop. Each body has its own tones and the voice can be freed to slide between notes. This practice is suitable for all levels of both yoga and music students. If you come with a “3-D” mentality, ie. with Devotion, Dedication, and Discipline; you will be able to get much from this workshop.

There are skills which must be mastered first. The skills involved in breathing and producing sound are fundamental to the practice of naada yoga.


“Music is not about entertainment. It’s about attainment.” – K. Sridhar.

“Practicing from the head brings knowledge but practicing from the heart brings experience.” – K. Sridhar


Please no eating at least two hours before the workshop.