India Pilgrimage

 2019 India Pilgrimage:

Tamil Nadu Temple Tour & Hiking the Western Ghats of Kerala

with Allison Dennis

January 20 – February 3, 2019

Registration & Deposit Due August 31, 2018

10 spots only



Join Allison for a spiritual journey into the heart of South India, the Ancient Temples that still pulse and breathe with devotion; some of which have been performing the same rituals daily for 1500 years. The beginning of the adventure will take us to the Planetary Temples (Navagraha) of Tamil Nadu, along with some other well known and not so well known Temples in and around the Kaveri Delta. We’ll travel by way of van and stay at the loveliest and coziest hotels available in rural India; some of which will be quite Westernized and posh while some areas will have more modest accommodations.

After experiencing the Temples we’ll travel to Kerala and hike the majestic Western Ghats. Trails will be accompanied by a local guide who can take us to places where wild elephants roam, and know an awful lot about the native flora and fauna. Walks will occasionally be in silence so as not to disturb the wildlife.

The dominant exploration on this adventure will be Sanaatana Dharma (following your own true path) and Satsang (spending time with like minded folks who, like you, are interested in the truth). This is a true pilgrimage, or yatra; less a vacation and more of a spiritual journey. Coming with an open heart and few expectations will allow for a deeper experience of what is. Authentic moment to moment participation with reality as it’s given can lead to release, growth, and widespread healing.

Another thread of focus will be Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion) and a few of the ways people approach devotion in India; through Vishnu, Shiva, Devi (Goddess), and the Planets (Navagraha). You may be interested in scheduling a Vedic Astrology session with Allison before our trip so that you have an understanding of what effect the planets are having on you? We’ll visit a temple for each planet, and we’ll be able to visit some Birthstar (Nakshatra) Temples as well.

The Temple Tour is aimed at us having a heart centered and potentially transformative experience, not so much a tour about the history and architecture of the Temple. However, Allison will share the mythological stories associated with each Temple and can communicate about some of the mantras, pujas, and rituals we’ll experience. Sometimes you’ll be requested to hold silence while in the Temples so that your experience, and everyone else’s experience, can be inward and personally meaningful.




Cost TBD by April 1, 2018 (estimated $1800 – 2250) includes Food, Hotels, and Land Travel

Cost does not include Flights, Insurance, or Visa


“There is nothing that could have really prepared me for the temple tour! I studied religion and spirituality in college, I’ve practiced yoga for 8 years, and I had been to India once before – and this trip to South India temples moved my spirit, grew my heart, and expanded everything I once knew about devotion, about god, and about the reverence of being alive. There are no words to describe being a part of a sea of people moving just for a glimpse of God at the temple. There are few words to describe how loud devotion really is when it’s experienced – how unafraid, how direct, how beautiful, how reassuring, how welcoming. 
If you want to grow your heart, seep yourself in the beauty that is lived devotion, take your most prized adventure yet, and try eating with your hands for two weeks, go to India with Allison! And let your life, and the song of your heart, be taken up a notch.” – Katie Breen



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Registration & Deposit Due August 31, 2018

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10 spots only



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