Dmitri Mitin

I grew up in an old industrial city at the confluence of two great European rivers at the time when the seemingly rock-solid ideology and institutions were contested and eventually swept away by new ideas and promises. Living through a radical transformation is exhilarating and disorienting – a constant back-and-forth between optimism and disillusionment. Witnessing fundamental social change – when many of the familiar outlines crumble away – was a jarring lesson in the transience of experiences. But it also imparted a deeper appreciation of the cultural, historical, and personal connections that anchor us in life.

Change kept coming in other forms and shapes: a stint in the military, a move to a small mid-western town (and a new continent), forging new friendships and relationships, teaching in the universities in four different countries. In 2012, I stumbled across the path of yoga. While that discovery was largely accidental, the asana practice immediately reshaped the daily routine for it offered a purposeful and sustainable physical challenge and an unmatched sense of energetic equilibrium. The philosophical and spiritual core of yoga, as gradually revealed by my teachers, powerfully resonated with past experiences and provided a coherent frame for current decisions.

In 2015, I completed a 200-hour teacher training at the Republic of Yoga, Cary, NC, under the guidance of Nicole Nichols (Narayani). My lineage traces back to the Jivamukti school of Yoga that emphasizes vinyasa-style classes focused on linking the breath and alignment and structured around chakra flows to prepare the body and mind for meditation.