Dani Leah Strauss

I was born and raised in Chapel Hill, where I fell in love with crystals, fairies, wild strawberries, and magic. I made little altars everywhere. Modern dance and choral arts allowed me to explore the union of my body and breath. I studied women’s health and anthropology at the University of Michigan, and then I moved to the island of Kosrae in the south pacific to teach high school. I came home from that year of essential growth and struggle feeling unsteady and out of balance. My search for a way to connect back to the simplicity of inhabiting my body and calming my mind brought me to yoga, and I finally felt free.


I completed a 200-hour vinyasa teacher training at Franklin Street Yoga Center, a 300-hour training on the classical texts of yoga at Asheville Yoga Center, yin yoga training with Sarah Powers, and a bhakti yoga immersion with Govindas at Bhakti Yoga Shala. I am grateful beyond measure for their wisdom and guidance in helping me to discover my own expression of yoga.


I started chanting in Hebrew at a very young age, and when I heard kirtan for the first time, it was like a rediscovery of truth and spirit. I enjoy chanting as an offering to the beauty and depth of the universe and the natural world. I believe sound and vibration are powerful tools, and the practice of kirtan helps us to cultivate community and heart-to-heart connections with those around us.


It is my deepest intention as a teacher to hold space for each student to do the divine and essential work of knowing and loving themselves. My classes include vinyasa and yin, breath, sound, and intention as tools to cultivate balance and ease in the body and mind. I love to create and meditate with malas, offer hands-on assists in class, and sprinkle glitter on literally everything.


Email Dani at dani.leah.strauss@gmail.com and find her on instagram at @danileah2