Class Descriptions


Learn about body/mind connection, yoga pose alignment, breath, developing a home practice, contemplation/meditation, yoga philosophy, relaxation and silence. Detailed info here.

Gentle Yoga

Breath-based and gentle, mostly on the ground, rooting in, excellent if wanting a soft and relaxing body/mind experience.


Call and response singing/chanting the healing sounds of Sanskrit mantras, vedic chants, and kirtan tunes. Chant books are provided and no experience is necessary. Detailed info here.

Open 1 – 2clasp hands

Breath-based yoga with a mix of vinyasa flow and holding postures; practicing stillness, challenge, and relaxation. All levels are welcome to participate as long as you can slow down or intensify based on your own needs. You will learn the essentials of vinyasa krama; linking breath and body movement together.

Open 2

Breath-based vinyasa flow; good for students with some familiarity with the poses and how to link body movement and breath, there is challenge woven into the class, as well as inversions, philosophical teachings, and relaxation. This class will continue to lay a foundation for how to link your body movement and your breath movement together as meditation in motion.

Open 2 – 3downdog

Breath-based vinyasa flow; advanced asana variations, challenging sequencing, balancing strength and flexibility, inversions, pranayama, philosophical teachings, relaxation, meditation & good overall health encouraged for participation.

Prenatal Yoga

A holistic approach and therapeutic yoga practice that can help you with many common ailments. Using breathing techniques (pranayama) poses (asana) and meditation you will feel more relaxed and comfortable with your changing life in a nurturing and supportive environment.


“A special feature of the asana system of Krishnamacharya was vinyasa. Many yoga students today are no doubt familiar with this word — it is increasingly used now, often to describe the “style” of a yoga class, as in “hatha vinyasa” or “vinyasa flow.” Vinyasa is essential, and probably unique, to Krishnamacharya’s teachings. As far as I know, he was the first yoga master in the last century to introduce this idea. A vinyasa, in essence, consists of moving from one asana, or body position, to another, combining breathing with the movement”. ~ A.G. Mohan

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