Karma Yoga


Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless service, and Heart of Yoga School is dedicated to being a tribal effort by way of karma yoga! Every teacher at HoYS has a karma yoga job, a way they help the School; and we each do that job as a gift from the heart expecting nothing in return. Karma yoga helps to purify the heart and remove the dirt of the ego that keeps us feeling bound and isolated. Some help in small ways, but others have big jobs like running the whole karma yoga program! We do have occasional jobs we can use help with from our community, and we tend to give those positions to students who already come to class regularly. If you have a sincere interest in being part of our karma yoga team, email Holly Schmidt: hollymichelleschmidt@gmail.com.483978_10100878400051078_937123324_n2015-05-30 22.41.21